Mother of All Mods

This is a collection of DCS World 1 mods for terrain and buildings


  1 Texture.Terrain.Buildings - Mother of all Mods - 25.Iun.2015 -  it contains mainly:  Barthek Ground textures, T Jacob Ground Textures, DTAC Trees by Rockwelder, Barthek Airfield Textures, Fences by Kuky, new Buildings textures Mix Dimitrov and CrazyEddie


This mod is a remix of several mods. By no means I take credit for other people's (cited below) work

Install notes:
I assume you have JSGME and is properly configured, if not you can go on this page and learn how to ease your life with moding the DCS World: Click


Open the archive you have downloaded by simple double click it
Once opened, drag the only contained folder named: " 1 Texture - Mother of all Mods Newstyle - 2048 24.Iun.2015 " to your " _Mods " folder located inside DCS World game folder. BE CAREFUL not to confuse "_Mods" with "Mods". Notice the _
After copying is complete activate the mod by JSGME means
final notes
If you get a warning that there is a conflict then you have to check what other mod you have for ground textures that is also modifying the same archives
If you have other mod that uses the bypass method of having folders with the name of the archives of the game please do understand that those mods will prevail and will be loaded against this mod or any other mod that changes original archives!!!


      Partial mod of MoaM

 1a Texture - Mod Buildings Mix Dimitrov+CrazyEddie - 2048 24.Iun.2015
remix between Dimitrov's and Crazy Eddie building textures with a remixed and tuned file so little or no pop up will appear when Distant LoD is used by game engine 
- install notes: This is a JSGME mod only. You will download an archive. Open it (if you don't know how just double click it). Drag the containing folder named: 
"1a Texture - Mod Buildings Mix Dimitrov+CrazyEddie - 2048 24.Iun.2015" to your "_Mods" directory from DCS World.  MAKE SURE IS with _ and not just "Mods". Then Install it with JSGME.
The name of the mod is long and descripteve so you will understand also in the future what it does. the 2048 means it has only 2048 size textures not bigger. the 24Iun.2015 means the date it was modified so you can check if a new version has appeared. (Iun mean s Iunie.. June in english... the month)

Visual Mod - Better View High Settings by zaelu - 06.Iul.2015

-A small mod for having better visibility with High Settings  in DCS World Options.
-install notes: As before, the archive has just one folder inside. drag the folder after opening the archive in _Mods folder and activate by JSGME.



Ground Textures and Trees made by DTAC  Click
Ground Textures and Airports Textures by Barthek here and here . The parking textures are moded by me as the tiling was a bit more off
Ground Textures  by T. Jacob Click

Fences redone by Kuky and published by Mustang  here
Buildings redone by Dimitrov, CrazyEddie and others (RICARDO, Mustang) the the texture for far LOD models is mixed by me using their big variants Click for Dimitrov's mod si Click for Crazy Edie mod

block_texture.bmp.psd file for LOD2 (distant LOD) of buildings. Contains bits of buildings remade by CrazyEddie and Dimitrov - Click to Downlod

Other recommended mods

Farp-Hill Texture (white or yellow) by DiegoMolas (T.Jacob) from here and here or on forum: here

Airports Textures by T.Jacob Click (not included in MoaM because of 4 variants people should be able to chose from but they work in paralel with MoaM)

page by zaelu